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Offering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dietary Therapy, Ayurveda Dietary Therapy for overall health and weight management.

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 Diane Carrk is a Holistic Nutrition, Certified Ayurveda Wellness Consultant and student of Master Degree Program in Chinese Medicine.

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             Are you trying to figure out "what to eat", or what exactly is "healthy", or just trying to figure out how your personal physiology is responding to foods? Foods today are set up for convenience and unfortunately our bodies have not been able to adapt to the fast changes in food technology development.  In fact, and documented, foods have evolved to such a convenient level that our primal bodies seem to be left struggling for nutrients? The basis of food technology is realized when we apply the concepts of biological chemistry and food chemistry. Basically we are made up of chemistry and natural foods provide our needed chemistry to survive. When foods combine with our chemistry, they create a chemical reaction. This is how food technology works. However the magic is in the minerals. Without natural mineral intake, our bodies can not process vitamins, provide energy, and build new cells. Without vitamin absorption, it is difficult to maintain good health and/or to bring back good health. 

        Nature is our teacher and offers us many opportunities to balance ourselves. The more you know about what is involved specifically to your own body, the more likely your success.

         Is it possible that your personal biochemistry and intake of poor combinations may have something to do with not feeling optimum. Our chemistry is unique to each of us and should  treated as such. 

       As a Holist Nutritionist and Certified Ayurveda Wellness Consultant, I can assist you with understanding your personal bio-chemistry, so that your natural instincts can strive for optimum wellness, resulting in what becomes a naturally trim and healthy you. 

Office Hours: Mon. 8am-12pm and 4pm-6pm.

 If you are ready to approach wellness in a more holistic environment, then call to book a one time 30 minute free consult and get started today!  It is not as hard as you may think and deprivation is not the answer.



 MBE Certified State of Wisconsin.




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